Recorded #1_il poggiapiedi

“My father says that this small footrest was built by my grandfather

my grandfather was a very charismatic men

he knew how to sing

how to catch the heart of the women and men

he was a very storyteller

and when it was Christmas all the family

and we, children

we all listened at his voice

but I remember his hands

-is it possible…

now that I’m almost forty years old –

I remember his hands holding neapolitan cards

and playing as only he could play

and, it could be possible..

I taught me how to play scopa

When I see the little footrest I always think

about his hands

working with wood and nails

and I think I smell the wood just worked and warm

but I don’t remember his voice

that probably is hidden in some lines of my father’s voice

telling me the story of this beloved little footrest”


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