A thought

Cover me up.
Let me change my shell,
like day, like birds of the morning.
While a black rain falls.

“Black rain” a poem of Bejan Matur

In current days, we can’t say that a war, everywhere in the world, is a thing that doesn’t conceive us. The myth of something pure, untouchable like a single believe, a single nation, a single economy, a single community is an anachronistic and violent thought.
The fight for power takes place on the skin of the people, but people has to open their eyes on what usually are the concept of coexistence (including human being, animals and nature), freedom, equality between sexes, respect.


It is not a question to “come back” in a paradise lost…. there’s nobody who can give us a paradise…it is a chance that we all together have to make a different sense of sharing and cohabitation in this world, the unique world that we have and that we are destroying. What is happening in Syria, in Palestine, in Yemen, in Africa…concerns the life of everyone, now.

The project we (Marianna Fumai and I) are following and that concerns the past Yugoslav Wars is not a question of the past…is a question of today. European countries were not clear at that time and are not clear today. U.S.A. the same…Russia…the same…. while Aleppo -that many years ago, I saw with these eyes- is destroyed…the History repeats itself. For this also to know what happened in the past is useful for us, today…to comprehend that we are all involved. It is not enough to think that is a question concerning only the “high levels” but the daily life, the way of thinking…


Someone said that art is not a political matter, that it can’t change the world…in fact, it is not a question of “art”, it is a question of “life”, in which art is definitively included…. like every gesture, we do in our daily life.

The “personal is political” that should not be “politicized” from someone or from politic parties or from religious believes…it’s a way to be in the world…
Someone says that there’s no place for all the human being in the world…I don’t believe in those words…but to create places and spaces for each one, respecting the dignity of people, we need to change our economic, social and politic perspective.



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