A game


people are so sweet
people are so pretty
people break the nails
on the rock of mercy

mercy for the violence
mercy for the sins
and after the mercy
just hidden pure pins

pins under the pillows
pins in our hands
to pin our memories
in a deep black well

people are so immaculate
violence just a game
with large toothed mouth
erasing the red blue trace

let me lull you to lull you again
thinking violence
a past far game


our interiorities have never been so concrete
exploded in the street
or collapsed in the sea
our beautiful eyes
unpenetrable, smooth
cooked by stereotyped images
grilled by the warm light of televisions

what are the flowers?
where they grow up and fade?
why they gently swing in the sunset?
do you feel the weight of the caress?
the lightness of a body in your arms?

let the flower swing



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