“biting the flesh of the heart” is a translation of the poetic collection “a morsi la carne del cuore” 2014. Sorry for possible mistakes about the translation

first trio

it seems so little this quite thirsty
it calls as it knows its end
we ever bring it, a graft that lasts
all life long

it could be the salt appearing on the lips
giving to thirsty its becoming
corpuscle as gift to the body’s nerves
tied to the looking eye

no words can say the place
dug by the many in so long time
where water mixed to blood
give to life, the life or the death

my life, no more mine
you bring me as a remain
remain of the body mouth distorted
remain of the nights spread by love
according to this plurality
that strikes the heart
and wounds, the so pure hands
your faces, your grimaces
to not see
where signs grow
where sings don’t know the way
hands drawing borders
squeezing fluids
tightening lips
your eyes being green
everything different
fading like flowers
only a tongue dart
calls the blood to the heart

dawns are not always clement
with people offering flesh to love

within the last lover tremors
with a sail cutting the sea
cut waves end in reflows
oh flesh remaining when the mind gets free

words whispered from lip to lip
as ghosts come in becoming shapes
like a chisel you carve and engrave
you bleed and the lies make green

if for act and love folds
we fade our shattered bodies
so please do it
biting the flesh of the hearth



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